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It’s Only Art if it’s Well Hung: For Sale

All designs on this page are for Sale (Sans watermark). Prints will be limited to 25 and each will be Hand signed and numbered with a certificate. Prints are done with Archival inks, Archival Paper, Archival Mattes and if framed with UV Glass.
Dimensions (matted) and prices are below each piece along with what print # is currently available.
Thank you for supporting the Arts in any form!


All Designs are implied Copyright © Eye-Sore Design

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The Written Word

“Because you don’t have to burn books, do you, if the world starts to fill up with non-readers, non-learners, non-knowers? If the world wide-screen-basketballs and footballs itself to drown in MTV”.
–Ray Bradbury–

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Music Music, I Hear Music…

Honestly I can’t imagine my life without Music in it (not sure I want to)? It went way beyond just casual listening at an early age and has bordered on “obsessive compulsive” ever since. I can remember my Mother being horrified when I came up to her with the first KISS album and saying “I want this”… Say what you will about KISS (and I have a tendency to agree with most negative comments now) if you were in the ages of 10-15 in the middle/ late 70’s this WAS the band that got you into music, don’t try to deny it (I won’t). My room was covered floor to ceiling with KISS posters (quickly covering the STAR WARS wallpaper before it)……. Entering 7th grade AC/DC and Back in Black quickly became the “Grown up” thing to listen to by my peers. I took many jabs for still listening to that “kiddy Rock” KISS band. But I stuck to my guns for a long time (probably to long) and continued to fly the KISS flag pretty strong even as my tastes “matured” and developed over the years. When I saw the “original 4” members on the “Farewell Tour” in 1996 I closed the books on that chapter and I only wish that Gene & Paul had done the same. I still think Ace Frehley is the coolest MoFo to strap on a Guitar (and destroy it) and probably had more to do with me wanting to be a Musician (I play Bass) than any other musician out there?

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I Got Your Blog Right Here

Ya see I’m not really into this whole “Blogging” thing, and Tweeting is for Birds so…
Aaaanyway, I figured I would at least keep an area for updates and random foolishness I may feel compelled to post at times (trust me they will be few and far between).
So I guess this will be the place for that all to happen?

Rest In Peace Burton Leon Reynolds Jr February 11, 1936–September 6, 2018

Rest In Peace Edward C. “Ed” King September 14, 1949–August 22, 2018
Guitarist: Strawberry Alarm Clock & Lynyrd Skynyrd

Rest In Peace Aretha Louise Franklin March 25, 1942–August 16, 2018

Rest In Peace Craig MacGregor September 13, 1949–February 9, 2018
Bassist for Foghat

Rest In Peace Ursula Kroeber Le Guin October 21, 1950–January 22, 2018
American Novelist, Science Fiction, Fantasy, The Earthsea Trilogy

Rest In Peace “Fast” Edward Allan Clarke October 5, 1950–January 10, 2018
Original Guitarist; Motörhead, Fastway

Rest In Peace Malcolm Mitchell Young January 6,1953–November 18, 2017
“For those about to Rock. We salute you”

Rest In Peace Charles Henry “Chuck” Mosley III December 26, 1959–November 9, 2017
Original Singer Faith No More

Rest In Peace Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. February 26, 1928–October 24, 2017

Rest In Peace Martin “Eric Ain” Stricker July 18, 1967–October 21, 2017
Bass Player/ Founding Member Celtic Frost

Rest In Peace Thomas Earl Petty October 20, 1950–October 2, 2017

Rest In Peace Hugh Marston Hefner April 9, 1926–September 27, 2017

Rest In Peace Grantzberg Vernon “Grant” Hart March 18, 1961–September 14, 2017
Drummer/ Singer Hüsker Dü

Rest In Peace Glen Travis Campbell April 22, 1936–August 8, 2017

Rest In Peace Haruo Nakajima January 1, 1929–August 7, 2017
Original Godzilla “Suit Actor”. 12 times total!

Rest In Peace Gregory LeNoir “Gregg” Allman December 8, 1947–May 27, 2017

Rest In Peace Sir Roger George Moore October 14,1927–May 23, 2017

Rest In Peace Christopher “Cornell” John Boyle July 20, 1964–May 17, 2017
Lead singer Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave

Rest In Peace John Warren “J.” Geils Jr. February 20, 1946–April 11, 2017
Guitarist/ Founding Member of The J. Geils Band

Rest In Peace John Thomas “Sib” Hashian August 17, 1949–March 22, 2017
Drummer for Boston

Rest In Peace Milton Conrad “Milt” Schmidt March 5, 1918 – January 4, 2017
The Ultimate Bruin!

Rest In Peace Carrie Frances Fisher October 21, 1956–December 27, 2016

Rest In Peace Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou June 25, 1963–December 25, 2016
“George Michael”

Rest In Peace Richard George Adams May 9, 1920–December 24, 2016
Author of Watership Down

Rest In Peace Leonard Norman Cohen September 21, 1934–November 10, 2016

Rest In Peace Jerome “Gene Wilder” Silberman June 11, 1933–August 29, 2016

Rest In Peace Preston Hubbard March 15, 1953-Aug. 17, 2016
Bassist: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Room Full of Blues.

Rest In Peace Jack Davis December 2, 1924-July 27, 2016
One of the original founding cartoonist of MAD magazine 1952

Rest In Peace George Bernard “Bernie” Worrell, Jr. April 19, 1944–June 24, 2016
Keyboardist/ Co-founding member Parliament-Funkadelic

Rest In Peace Gordan “Gordie” Howe March 31, 1928–June 10, 2016
Hockey Legend

Rest In Peace Nick Menza July 23, 1964–May 21, 2016
MegaDeth Drummer (1989–1998; 2004)

Rest In Peace Prince Rogers Nelson June 7, 1958–April 21, 2016

Rest In Peace Keith Noel Emerson November 2, 1944–March 10, 2016
Keyboardist Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Rest In Peace Paul Lorin Kantner March 17, 1941–January 28, 2016
Founding Member of Jefferson Airplane

Rest In Peace James Stewart “Jimmy” Bain December 19, 1947–January 24, 2016
Bassist: Rainbow & DIO

Rest In Peace David Robert Jones January 8, 1947–January 10, 2016
David Bowie was the LAST Rock God! A true legend and visionary.

Rest In Peace Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister December 24, 1945–December 28, 2015
If you don’t know who He is. GET OFF MY SITE!!

Rest In Peace Scott Richard Weiland October 27, 1967–December 3, 2015

Rest In Peace Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor September 21, 1954–November 11, 2015
Motörhead Drummer 1975–1984 and 1987-1992

Rest In Peace George “Barris” Salapatas November 20, 1925–November 5, 2015
Creator of the TV Bat-mobile & General Lee among many other Custom Cars.

Rest In Peace Christopher Russell Edward “Chris” Squire March 4, 1948–June 27,2015
Bassist for YES.

Rest In Peace Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee May 27, 1922–June 7, 2015
Truly a Legend on every level.

Rest In Peace Louis Johnson April 13, 1955–May 21, 2015
Bass Player: The Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson

Rest In Peace Riley B. “B.B.” King September 16, 1925–May 14, 2015

Rest In Peace Craig Gruber June 22, 1951–May 5, 2015
Bass Player: Elf, Rainbow, Gary Moore

Rest In Peace Scott Clendenin January 17, 1968–March 24, 2015
Bass Player for DEATH

Rest In Peace Anthony Jude “A.J.” Pero October 14, 1959-March 20, 2015
Drummer for Twisted Sister

Rest In Peace Andrew McLan “Andy” Fraser July 3, 1952–March 16, 2015
Bass Player for Free

Rest In Peace Michael Joseph Porcaro May 29, 1955–March 15, 2015
Bass Player for Toto

Rest In Peace Leonard Simon Nimoy March 26, 1931–February 27, 2015

Rest In Peace Joe B. Mauldin July 8, 1940–February 7, 2015
Bass Player Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Rest In Peace Kim Vincent Fowley July 21, 1939–January 15, 2015
Producer, Songwriter and Manager of The Runaways in the 70’s

Rest In Peace Timothy Lee Drummond April 20, 1940–January 10, 2015
Session Bass Player: James Brown, Neil Young, Bob Dylan to name a few.

Rest In Peace John Robert “Joe” Cocker May 20, 1944–December 22, 2014

Rest In Peace Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax September 29, 1955–December 7, 2014
Pugsley Addams on the original The Addams Family TV Show

Rest In Peace Rick “Rick the Bass Player” Rosas September 10, 1949–November 6, 2014
Bass Player Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Rest In Peace Wayne “Static” Richard Wells November 4, 1965–November 1, 2014
Guitarist Static- X

Rest In Peace John Symon Asher “Jack” Bruce May 14, 1943–October 25, 2014

Rest In Peace Billy Rath August 8, 1948–August 16, 2014
Bass Player Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

Rest In Peace Robin McLaurin Williams July 21, 1951–August 11, 2014

Rest In Peace Dick Wagner December 14, 1942–July 30, 2014
Guitarist: Alice Cooper Band, Kiss, Aerosmith, Lou Reed

Rest In Peace John Dawson Winter III February 23, 1944–July 16, 2014

Rest In Peace Thomas “Ramone” Erdelyi January 29, 1949–July 11, 2014
The Last Original Ramone “Hey Ho Let’s Go”

Rest In Peace Richard Michael “Rik” Mayall March 7, 1958–June 9, 2014
“The Young Ones”

Rest In Peace Radu Florescu October 23, 1925–May 18, 2014
Co-author: In Search of Dracula

Rest In Peace Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger February 5, 1940–May 12, 2014

Rest In Peace Edward John ‘Ed’ Gagliardi February 13, 1952–May 11, 2014
Original Bass Player for Foreigner (1976-79)

Rest In Peace David Murray Brockie August 30, 1963–March 23, 2014
Oderus Urungus Lead Singer GWAR

Rest In Peace Scott Asheton August 16, 1949–March 15, 2014
Drummer for The Stooges

Rest In Peace Bob Casale July 14, 1952–February 17, 2014
Guitarist/ Keyboardist for Devo

Rest In Peace Lewis Allan “Lou” Reed March 2, 1942–October 27, 2013
“Take a Walk on The Wild side”

Rest In Peace Alan Myers ??,1955-June 24, 2013
Drummer for Devo

Rest In Peace Richard Burton Matheson February 20, 1926-June 23, 2013
Author of I AM LEGEND. Among many others.

Rest In Peace Ottis Dewey “Slim” Whitman, Jr. January 20, 1924–June 19, 2013

Rest In Peace Marshall Lytle September 1, 1933-May 25, 2013
Bass Player Bill Haley & The Comets

Rest In Peace Trevor Bolder June 9, 1950–May 21, 2013
Bass Player Uriah Heep & The Spiders of Mars (David Bowie)

Rest In Peace Raymond Daniel Manczarek, Jr. February 12, 1939–May 20, 2013
“Break on thru to the other side”

Rest In Peace Raymond Frederick “Ray” Harryhausen June 29, 1920-May 7, 2013
The Maker of Monsters!

Rest In Peace Jeffrey John “Jeff” Hanneman January 31, 1964-May 2, 2013

Rest In Peace Richie Havens January 21, 1941–April 22, 2013

Rest In Peace Chrissy Amphlett October 25, 1959–April 21, 2013

Rest In Peace Storm Thorgerson February 28, 1944–April 18, 2013

Rest In Peace Clive Burr March 8, 1957–March 12, 2013

Rest In Peace Alvin Lee December 19, 1944–March 6, 2013

Rest In Peace Gerry Anderson April 14, 1929–December 26, 2012
“Thunderbirds Are Go”!!

Rest In Peace Mike Scaccia June 14, 1965-December 23, 2012

Rest In Peace Lee Dorman September 15, 1942–December 21, 2012

Rest In Peace Neil Armstrong August 5, 1930–August 25, 2012
First Person to walk on the Moon. How’s that for a legacy!

Rest In Peace Joe Kubert September 18, 1926–August 12, 2012
A Comic Book Artist Legend!

Rest In Peace Bob Babbitt November 26, 1937–July 16, 2012

Rest In Peace Jon Lord June 9, 1941–July 16, 2012

Rest In Peace Ray Bradbury August 22, 1920—June 5, 2012

Rest In Peace Donald “Duck” Dunn November 24, 1941–May 13, 2012
Booker T. & the M.G.’s, The Blues Brothers, Neil Young, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty. just to name a few He played with.

Rest In Peace Carroll Shelby January 11, 1923–May 10, 2012

Rest In Peace Maurice Sendak June 10, 1928–May 8, 2012
“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”

Rest In Peace Adam “MCA” Yauch August 5, 1964-May 4, 2012

The Cure released “DISINTEGRATION” today in 1989. The perfect album on all levels.

Rest In Peace Dick Clark November 30, 1929–April 18, 2012

Rest In Peace Jim Marshall July 29, 1923-April 5, 2012
His Amps went up to “11”

Just like to say “Thank You” to everyone who came by the MOSAIC II exhibit this weekend! We all had a great time and hope you did as well.

Rest In Peace Ronnie Montrose November 29, 1947–March 3, 2012

Rest In Peace Davy Jones December 30, 1945–February 29, 2012
“Hey Hey He was a Monkee!!”

Rest In Peace Michael Davis June 5, 1943–February 17, 2012
Bassist MC5

Happy 50TH Ciff Burton. You are missed.

Well I survived my first Art Exhibit “MOSAIC” this past Sunday with three friends/ Artist: Ed Nute, Judy Quinn & Randy Swann at The Narrows Center For The Arts.

Rest In Peace Joe Simon October 11, 1913-December 14, 2011
Co-Creator (with Jack Kirby) of Captain America.

Rest In Peace Jerry Robinson January 1, 1922–December 8, 2011
Creator of the ultimate Comic Book villain… The Joker.

Rest In Peace Heavy D (Dwight Arrington Myers) May 24, 1967–November 8, 2011
Back in the Day when HIP-HOP was Fun!

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs February 24, 1955–October 5, 2011
Thanx for making what i do a hell of allot easier!

25 Years (September 27, 1986)!! And you are still missed Cliff
“Bass Solo Take One” 1983 and things were never quite the same for Bass Players.

Errr, why is the Building shaking?!
Ya know what, I don’t like Earthquakes I’ve decided. Don’t care if it was located in Virginia and these were just “little” tremors from that event. I’ll take the occasional Nor’easter any day thank you!!

Rest In Peace Jani Lane February 1, 1964–August 11, 2011

Rest In Peace Marshall Grant May 5, 1928-August 7, 2011

Rest In Peace Michael “Würzel” Burston October 23, 1949–July 9, 2011

i have no words. So here is a picture.

Rest In Peace Mike Starr April 4, 1966–March 8, 2011

Rest In Peace Gary Moore April 4, 1952–February 6, 2011

Rest In Peace Solomon Burke March 21, 1940-October 10, 2010

Late To The Party Again Rock N’ Roll Hall of Shame
Well Gee, Alice Cooper and Tom Waits FINALLY get a nomination and Bon Jovi is on the same Ballet?
Anyone who knows me (you poor bastards). Knows I have issues with the supposed Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame… And once again they’ve given me another reason to want to burn the place down to the Ground!
My biggest complaint has always been not so much who is inducted, as my (or anyone else) personal tastes can’t/ shouldn’t come into play. But rather the order of who gets in when.
How is it that Debbie Harry and Chrissy Hynde got inducted years before Patti Smith?
There is no excuse for that as Patti Kicked the doors down that let any Female Rocker after Her walk on thru… and you can’t argue that!
RAMONES get inducted after Joey is Dead and both Johnny and Dee Dee didn’t last much longer. I was happy they got in (even if too late) but the fact that THE STOOGES should have been inducted BEFORE any of the “Punk” Bands that went in before still cranks me!!… I can argue THE NEW YORK DOLLS should be inducted as well.
Again it’s not a popularity contest but rather a acknowledgment of who broke the doors down and dared to push the boundaries of Music for the next generation to Build off.
This obliviously is not the case with whomever is in charge over there?
So BON JOVI get nominated but CHEAP TRICK is still being snubbed?… Ya that makes sense.
RUSH still no nomination… Does DREAM THEATER get in first maybe?
KI$$… say what you will. But the fact remains they were the biggest Band on the Planet for the 70’s (that’s all ya get Gene) and their influence on basically everyone after them (good or bad) is unquestionable!… I will go so far as to argue that Ace made more Kids pick up Guitars than Eddie Van Halen.

Alice Cooper should have been inducted at least 15 years ago (with KI$$) his influence is unprecedented.
Tom Waits should have been inducted at least 15 years ago as well on just shear quality of work (even if you don’t get what He does).
Bon Jovi?!….. Ok, my personal feelings aside. What did/ has that Band done to push the envelope of Rock N’ Roll?… They’ve been writing the same song for 25 plus years!!! Meh.

Previously on LOST
Well after 6 years of investment now what do I do on Tuesday nites?
I’ll rate the series as a whole and not the ending (which I was gonna be let down in no matter what to be honest).
Man what a fun ride it was no question!!… A++++
Wish they had done a better job answering some key questions instead of handing us even more though.
I didn’t want everything explained away (that would have been even worse). But just some major points that I think needed better “fleshing out”. I was more interested in the Mythology of the island than the “human” factor so to me it’s an unfinished puzzle which I’m always going to want to go back and finish.

Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio July 10, 1942-May 16, 2010

Rest In Peace Frank Frazetta February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

I’d like to give a big “HELL YA”!! to Clay at Dryad Media for graciously housing Eye-Sore Design for me. Clay is a stand up guy and a damn good photographer! The Boy has mad skillz (too hip?)…..Rock on Brutha’!! You can see his work here: Dryad Media

My friend Emily Jones has posted a new Single to her website called “Ashes To Fields” and in her awesomeness has used one of my pieces for a visual companion! Please go here and check it out and support an independent Artist and Friend.

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Spire Center for Performing Arts. Plymouth MA. Exhibit

I am honored to be one of the first artists, along with my friends Ed Nute and Judy Quinn to exhibit their work at the Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth Ma.
The Spire Center will be a place for Music, Art and Theater.
Opening night will be April 11th at 7:00pm.
For more information please go to: www.spirecenter.org

As always, Thank you for supporting the Arts!


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